Tutorial 1: Create Trapcode Planet from scratch step-by-step


(No sound)
In this video I’m gonna make similar planet from scratch and I’ll show a few technics wich I used for Trapcode Planet. I know, final result need better color correction and settings need much more tweaks, but I’ll hope you’ll get main idea.
Software: after effects (Trapcode form, trapcode particular, magic bullet looks)
P.S. If you make test based in this tut, please add link on this video tuts in your description. Thanks!

52 thoughts on “Tutorial 1: Create Trapcode Planet from scratch step-by-step

  1. Hi Phillip! need help with a small glitch I’m running into. I’m no C4d user so had to download your sphere with normals file from the d-box link above. I’m unable to get the “city2″ solid right. My hexagons are all messed up and jumbled up. Realized there must be something missing right from the “city”. stuck up there SOS!!

    • Hi! Try to set up city2 layer from scratch.
      1. Add form on layer.
      2. Change Base Form to Obj model and add obj sphere in it.
      3. Change particle type to Textured polygon and add your sprite into texture tab.
      After this you should get right textured sphere.
      Hope it will help you.

  2. филипп,надеюсь Вы тут,как вы анимировали видео?я даже представления себе не имею,вот сижу учусь по туториалам,хочу хотабы на секунд 30 сделать,помогите,пожалуйста

    • Чтобы анимировать планету используйте Bace form X,Y,Z rotation в солиде trapcode

  3. Здравствуйте Филипп!
    Спасибо за такой великолепный урок!
    Надеюсь вы мне подскажите, я застряла на том же месте, которое тут уже обсуждалось – слой “city2″. У меня получается или вся сфера без промежутков между полигонами “city” или эти полигоны как-то пятнами сосредотачиваются. А так как у вас, с равномерными промежутками между полигонами не получается.
    Может это от версии AE заисить?
    У меня и в настройке “Skip Vertex” нет пунктов “Normalize” и “Invert Z”.

    • Мне кажется у вас старая версия плагина, в которую еще не добавили поддержку Skip Vertex.

      • Спасибо за ответ.
        Ваш урок лучший из всех, которые я находила в инете по АЕ, спасибо вам за такой вклад в наше развитие. Удачного творчества и, думаю, вы будете популярнее Крамера;)

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, I enjoyed learning the techniques. This is a link to mine, I rushed through it and I still need some work. Im have trouble with the tower part. Ive only recently started to enjoy motion graphics and VFX work. But I plan to work hard at it as I am loving it!

    Thanks again.


  5. Hey, I love this tutorial. I am having trouble with the sphere, I rendered it out of c4d using the Riptide plugin, with the normals, but they still arent working in AE. it all is still facing the camera

  6. Hey Phil,

    I tried to download the OBJ file but it just takes me to a webpage full of code and nothing downloads? Please help


  7. Great work man. AE just has no ending and trapcode plugins make it so much more exciting. I really love your work, thanks a lot.

  8. Hey Phil. The page only save as text doc. no obj file. must I install C4D first. please help. thank you.

    • to save the object file, hover over the link and right click and select ‘save as’ or ‘save link as’ (or whatever similar option your browser has). that will download it as a .obj file

  9. Hi! I’m near the end of the tutorial. I have a question… when I activate all the layer after created City and City 2 I can’t see the whole thing. I just see the two city layer. I’m basically new to After Effect. I have the latest updates of Trapcode Form. Can you help me with that?

    Thank you

  10. Love this tutorial. I’m creating this globe with specific city locations. I made a black and white map. With a white dots that represent a city on a black background. Form generates the dot but it’s not very exact. Some of my dots are missing. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Have you come across this issue?

    • I guess your dots are too small. Try to increase dots in black and white map. Or try to increase form resolution. If you have 2000x1000px map, you should set 2000×1000 resolution in Form’s sphere.

      • Okay so I noticed that my form size is x-720, y-720 and z-720. My map is a 8333 x 4167 png. If I change my Form size to x-8333 and y-4167 it stretches my sphere for obvious reasons. What am I doing wrong?

        • Oh well since I am using an OBJ the Particles in X, Y and Z are grayed out in the Base Form. Am I looking in the wrong place?

          • Oh… I thought you are making it for Form’s sphere. In obj there is small issue. I can’t figure out how to use layers on obj properly.
            I think you could make your white dots bigger…

          • Yes I’ve made the dot bigger but now instead of one particle I get more then one and sometimes in different sizes. It’s not working right but I guess it a limitation in Form?

          • I want to believe that it is just limitation. But maybe there are some small trick which i don’t know…

  11. Super sick.

    The nerd in me would be upset if I didn’t mention the fact that the planet is rotating in the wrong direction.

  12. Hey Phill. Liked your tut. Thank you. Could you please help? When i’m importing .obj to apply with plexus nothing is happens.

  13. Hi philipp Pavlov…… i like ur work and for this project I want to ask, how this particles a moving very slow from where i can find the control of speed

  14. Create Trapcode Planet from scratch step-by-step – CG VILLA

  15. I’m afraid I don’t have C4d and I would love to finish this tutorial. I saw a link at the top with the OBJ but its not working for me. Any chance you could provide the OBJ?

    Awesome Job with this, I’ve learned so much!

    • Hi, just save this page with numbers as .obj and it will work. Basically “obj” is a simple text file with point position, that’s why browser opens it as text.

      • Doh! Please forgive my dumbness.. lol You’re the man! DO you have any other tutorials anywhere? Very inspiring! Thanks

  16. Could you explain the motion side of things a little more? I figured out how to make the planet spin and have somewhat of a zoom going on too, but when I zoom in too far (with the camera zoom), I start to see too much of a shadow on the planet (the aperture maybe?)…I’d like to be able to get right alongside it how you do in your video…a tutorial on the motion side of things would be awesome!! Thanks!

  17. And also, is there a way to make the particles in “force line 2″ look like they only go from continent to continent and not just all over the planet? Trying to make it look like they’re radio waves or something transmitting from one continent to the other…

  18. Автор еще тот наебщик. Следовать этому “туториалу” никому не рекомендую, особенно начинающим таким как я. Это первое что я сделал в After Affects. Итак это не туториал а просто видео, как есть видео как кто-то играет в GTA так и это видео как кто-то визуализацию делает. В видео полно халтуры, сначала планета выглядет так а через секунду по другому, что автор сделал непонятно. Потом еще нужно догадываться ставить кучу гребаных плагинов, еще и Cinema 4D и еще и к нему плагины. Я больше недели мудохался через все терни, и вот под конец вообще как издевательство. Все начинается совсем по другому вырисовываться, не так как у автора. Некотрые композиции ну просто с нуля как начинаешь делать они уже не такие как у автора. Некоторые действия автора вообще в запись не вошли. В общем не для новичков и вообще непонятно для кого, кто работает с этим тут ничего сложного. И финальное видео ради чего я все терпел и шел до конца, совершенно не такое как на коротком ролике. Автор не ресурсов на проект не вылажил, ни сам озвучивал. Это тупо видео – не туториал.

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