Got a great chance to work with very talented guys from Tendril on a project for Ecobee.

I did mostly all simulation in Houdini except particles on 20 sec and grass animation in outdoor scene at the end.


Client: ecobee
Agency: Who Gets It Done
Consultant: Megan McCartney
Production Company: Tendril
Creative Director: Alex Torres
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Director / Art Director: Shane Griffin
Co-Producers: Ryan MacLean and John Szebegyinszki
Coordinator: Brittany Sheahan
Design: Shane Griffin, Jose Checa, Ari Weinkle
3D Modelling: Ben Pilgrim, Flavio Diniz
3D Animation: Jose Checa, Philipp Pavlov, Marian Pramberger, Jeff Briant
VFX: Phillip Pavlov
Lighting: Jose Checa, Jeff Briant
Render: Jeff Briant
Compositor: Brad Husband
Sound: Zelig Sound